HappyFourTwenty (HFT Happy420) was formed in Cape Town in 2001. The band comprised of Patrick Dilley (drums), Alan Benatar (bass), Patrick O’Shea(vox/guitars) & Andrew Hoare(guitar). Bruce Fereday & Louise Leggatt (Rubber Soul) also recorded on the bands debut album Awakening. In 2003, Pete Woodbridge joined the line-up on vocals and keyboards. The band performed around Cape Town at various venues and also featured on the lineup at Up The Creek with Clinton Bester on drums. They recorded two more songs in 2005 with Sascha Muller on drums (Semi Sane). The songs were released on the Myrtleville album: Sing your life recorded @ Street Level with Richard Black & Fool for lesser things @ Spaced out Sounds with Tully McCully. The band stopped shortly after that.

The band is due to release their second album in 2017. The album will feature Sizwe Shabalala (Trinity), Patrick Dilley (A.P.E & HappyFourTwenty), Andrew Hoare (A.P.E & HappyFourTwenty), Pete Woodbridge (HappyFourTwenty), Patrick O’Shea (HappyFourTwenty), Callan Wolff (Bass – Ottoman Slap) and other artists.


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