Alternative Pop Evolution

Alternative Pop Evolution (A.P.E) released their first single in 1997 and the song Nicotine featured David Shapiro (guitar & producer), Adam Shapiro (Bass & Violin), Patrick (Kent) O’Shea and Miranda (cello – on the song Over You). In 1999 the new line-up featured Patrick Dilley (drums) and Alan Benatar on bass. the band recroded three songs: Like a river, Take What you want & Cant See the Light. In 2000 Andrew Hoare (Bass) and Bruce Fereday (Keyboards/sax) joined the new line-up and the band recorded Safe Tripping. Both Safe Tripping & Like a river were released on HappyFourTwenty’s debut album Awakening in 2003.



The song Safe Tripping was recorded by Alternative Pop Evolution which featured Patrick Dilley (drums), Andrew Hoare (bass), Bruce Fereday (keyboards) & Kent O’Shea (vox & guitar).

The song was then released on HappyFourtwenty’s Awakening album in 2003